A mixed weave of 25mm flat with 7mm twin half moon interwoven brings style in a new look and has a 5mm round weave to the outer edges for a designer look. The Larch weave colour is complemented with the Fawn cushion fabrics that are deep filled and piped for the luxury look. Utilising aluminium powder coated frames makes them lighter in weight for manoeuvrability and will not rust. This range offers our new versatile adjustable table to switch from a casual lounge height into a casual dining height for a more formal eating experience. For extending the outdoor relaxation into the evening take a look at our fire-pit collection, which offers casual dining during the cooler nights and will be the envy of friends and family. All tabletops have a new 3 D print on glass in weathered lark that is scratch resistant and is inlayed within the outer woven frame.


The Venice Range

Venice Bistro Set

Venice In-Between Lounge Set

Venice 6 Seat Round Set

Venice 6 Seat Rectangular Set

Venice Cushion Box

Venice 8 Seat Rectangular Set

Venice Lounge Dining Set

Venice Corner Modular Set

Venice Lounger & Side Table Set