Tempo Weave

Enzio Modular Dining Set

Tempo is the premium collection within the Supremo® brand portfolio. Bringing together a perfect combination of superior quality in custom made furniture. Our aspirations for the Tempo collection are luxury and design - creating products aimed at the top market sector. The entire range focuses on Indonesian wicker - a handmade product which we believe to be the best in the world.

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Italian White Stone Weave with Classic White Fabric

Set consists of
1 x Enzio Left Hand Double Corner Sofa

1 x Enzio Right Hand Double Corner Sofa

1 x Enzio Round Corner

2 x Enzio Footstool

1 x Enzio Modular Dining Table

Left Hand Sofa: L138cm x D85cm x H101cm

Right Hand Sofa: L138cm x D85cm x H101cm

Round Sofa: L163cm x D93cm x H101cm

Footstool: L45cm x D45cm x H45cm

Table: L95cm x D95cm x H69cm



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Enzio Modular Dining Set

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